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ECS’s compensation, benefits and governance consulting practice is designed to serve Board compensation committees as independent objective outside counsel in the discharge of their responsibilities as well as supporting management by developing reward solutions directly related to the business strategies of each client.  From conception through implementation we perform in a way that helps reduce the tax and financial burdens related to complex reward programs.  We also support implementation and administration of programs as well as the review and enhancement of processes and controls.

By partnering directly with our Managing Directors who are nationally recognized experts with an average of over 20 years of experience in consulting, tax and accounting and have led regional and national service lines at major global consulting and Big Four Accounting firms, and who maintain day to day responsibilities and client contact on every engagement.  Our projects are staffed only with experienced, recognized senior professionals and seasoned consultants with in-depth experience and proven judgment whose advice is tailored to each organization’s specific business strategy, goals and needs.   Our clients range from privately held companies of all sizes and large family owned businesses to large public companies which span a broad spectrum of industries including but not limited to financial services (banking, brokerage firms, securities exchanges, private equity, and insurance). Other industries include information technology; healthcare and life sciences (including biotech and pharma); telecommunications; retail; and manufacturing. Also, ECS’s not-for-profit practice serves organizations with a focus on higher education; healthcare; regional and global foundations; museums and performing arts.

Our sole focus is providing advanced analytical and customized approaches and solutions to complex business issues involving compensation and benefits programs.    As such, we are able to maintain our independence, avoid conflicts of interest, and provide unbiased recommendations.

Our firm’s non-traditional structure allows us to provide our clients with extremely cost efficient services without sacrificing quality.  By using only experienced professionals, we minimize the “start-up time” and “learning curve” as well as the administrative burdens associated with highly-leveraged staffing models.  In addition, we do not maintain large legal, IT, HR, and marketing departments or other cost centers which increase overhead expenses and inevitably make their way into the fees charged.   We run a tight ship and pass the savings to our clients.


With offices in Arizona, New Jersey, and New York, we are ready to serve our clients on a national basis in the following areas:  

  • Pay Analysis and Benchmarking for Management and Directors
  • Short & Long Term Plan Design Including Cash and Equity Based Awards

  • Compensation Philosophy and Strategy

  • Proxy Disclosure Transparency

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Transaction Related Support

  • Executive Compensation for 501(c)(3)/(c)(4) Entities and Defensible Intermediate Sanctions Safe Harbor

  • Succession Plan Management

  • Employment, Severance and Change in Control Arrangements

  • Expert Witness Testimony, Opinions and Litigation Support

  • Global Incentive Compensation

  • Organization-wide Compensation Programs

  • Board Composition and Committee Charters

  • Tax and Tax Accounting Treatment

ExeComp Solutions LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Parachute Tax Solutions LLC, a nationally recognized accounting firm specializing in IRC Section 280Gcomputations and advisory services (